Features & Benefits

The National Obituary Registry will help funeral homes protect their obituaries and connect with more families in the new online world. But this new online portal can also be used to provide greater services to families and allow the funeral home to help educate consumers about the costs of a funeral, their options, and clear up any misconceptions they may have. Today, the better the funeral home is with their online presence, the more equipped they will be to better serve the needs of their communities.

Use Your Obituaries for Your Own Self-Gain

At the National Obituary Registry, we believe in protecting funeral homes and the families they serve. Our goal is to educate and assist funeral homes across North America and help them come together to create change, a task they cannot do alone. We’ll protect obituaries from third-party groups that take advantage of your business and empower you to take ownership over your funeral home’s online presence. Together, with industry partners, technology providers and concerned organizations, we’ll help create a portal that will help reinforce the value of funeral service, aid families and communities and honor the deceased with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Authority to Rank Your Obituary Higher

Today, funeral homes are finding their website ranking lower and lower for their own obituaries. At The National Obituary Registry, we use the most advanced search engine strategies and have a team of online marketing experts working continuously to ensure that your obituaries are not only ranking higher, but that you also benefit from the web traffic they generate.

Advanced Search Engine Strategies

Through a networked approach, the National Obituary Registry initiative will work in tandem with ObitTree to help funeral homes maximize the benefit from visitor traffic and provide the services and conveniences designed to capture all touch points needed to excel in way of marketing funeral business online. In conjunction with the most comprehensive strategy enacted on multiple levels, both funeral service and families will win back the control and the respect. Our investment in search engine optimization will return the traffic, and inherent profitability, back to your firm, while ensuring that the intended family always receives condolences and words of support.

Leverage Visitor Traffic & Return Profits and Opportunities

Search engine results have a massive impact on online visitor traffic. As a tool that consumers use to find everything they need, it is important that when the time comes, your funeral home is front and center on search engines. As a National Obituary Registry member who is regularly posting obituaries, you will see an increase in opportunities to connect with families and benefit from increased visibility online. We will leverage the traffic generated by your obituaries to put money back in your pocket and improve your funeral home’s online reputation.

Register Your Funeral Home for Free

Reach More Families & Generate Leads

We want to give consumers every possible opportunity and reason to connect with your funeral home. Staying top of mind is of paramount importance within community-based industries like death care. Being front and center on Google is nearly impossible with third-party strategies, with millions of links working against you. Our consumer resources, made available through ObitTree, have been developed with the goal of improving consumer understanding of the death care industry, the options available and connecting them with funeral professionals.

Pre-Planning Tools

Planning a funeral is never easy for consumers to start. With ObitTree’s pre-planning tools, consumers can access expert advice and will be encouraged to record their final wishes and submit it to a funeral home in their area. By bringing to light the benefits of pre-planning, we will bring more business to every partner funeral home than they could with their traditional website.

Funeral Quote Builder

Funeral costs and funeral related expenses can be a great source of stress and are often a mystery to consumers. Put simply, families do not know whether a funeral costs $500 or $5000. This “unknown” nature often causes friction during the planning process and causes consumers to not even attempt to record their wishes. To help facilitate a more transparent and informed understanding of funeral pricing, we have designed the funeral quote builder. This tool is designed to give them a detailed itemization of all of the services provided by funeral homes and an average North American cost for each. Then, using the same logic, consumers can review a myriad of types of merchandise and options with the same averages. An advanced “final wishes” form allows them to capture the detailed information the funeral home will need. When finished, families will be encouraged to submit their findings to a local funeral service provider in our network for a more accurate and personalized quote.

A Helping Hand

A Helping Hand, in partnership with GoFundMe, is a revolutionary answer to the crowdfunding phenomenon. It allows friends, family members and loved ones to make monetary contributions to help the immediate family with mounting funeral costs resulting from someone’s passing. Helping families with final expenses has become a standard expression of sympathy in many countries, and will quickly become a choice for many as an alternative to flowers and gifts.

Register Your Funeral Home for Free

Increase Revenue & Improve Your Business

Through ObitTree, your funeral home not only receives revenue from features, but ObitTree.com provides all of the major touchpoints that a funeral home needs today to successfully win in the digital age. These returns are significantly higher than many funeral homes experience on their funeral home site alone. Once you register with the National Obituary Registry, you will be able to log in at any time and see the cumulative revenues you have earned in your OneAccount. We’re giving back so we, as a profession, can take back control and protect the future of our industry.

Heartfelt Sympathies Online Store

The Heartfelt Sympathies Store is the ultimate source for sympathy gestures. Families can send flowers, light a memorial candle, and financially contribute to final expenses to help families. Visitors can also plant a tree in memory of their loved one through the Honoring a Life program. These gestures service families and provide your firm shared revenue that helps you provide exceptional services and allows you to reinvest in your firm.

More Funeral Calls

We leverage ObitTree and your firm's website to work in tandem together. Above all else, we will bring more families to your funeral home. By helping your firm to strengthen its online presence and increase visibility in the communities you serve, you will have more opportunity to connect with families. The National Obituary Registry and ObitTree initiatives are an advanced online strategy to right the wrongs of what has been done to funeral service. An online strategy of this caliber would cost funeral homes hundreds of thousands of dollars. We’re doing it at no cost to protect the future of funeral service and keep our great profession strong.

An Amazing Life™

This powerful feature will help you dramatically raise the bar on new offerings within your communities, driving further loyalty and creating new revenue streams. The system will provide advanced memorial websites equipped with the powerful MemorialFX personalization engine, allowing families to create stunning tribute videos, beautiful memorial stationery and an expansive tribute book that captures all periods in one’s life. This will be available for at-need and preneed families through your funeral home, again providing a much-appreciated online service and revenue for your firm.

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