About the National Obituary Registry

The National Obituary Registry strategy, in partnership with ObitTree, was established to help funeral professionals take back control of their obituaries. Funeral homes should benefit from the website traffic generated by their own obituaries and use the profits to grow their business, enabling them to offer more to families. Our goal is to connect the public with funeral homes, all while keeping families’ data, funeral home profits and potential funeral home business where they should be - in the hands of the funeral home. With the millions of obituaries, links and visitors that are being stolen from funeral homes each and every day, no one funeral home will be able to turn this around alone. Corporate entities and third-party opportunists have made it very difficult for funeral homes to compete online and it is time for a change. To facilitate this change, funeral service needs to come together and collectively put an end to the countless schemes that copy, electronically scrape or capture obituaries through elaborate deals with newspapers and leverage them for their own self gain, often at the expense of the funeral home, the families they serve and the dignity of the deceased.

The National Obituary Registry is an organization born from a deep passion for, and understanding of, the death care profession and its challenges. Our goal is to help funeral professionals to take back control of the funeral industry and reset how death care information is portrayed, how death care providers are found, and how consumers are being captured online for other companies' self-gain. The organization was founded to help funeral directors, like you, take back control of your obituaries, online presence and profits that have been lost to third-party opportunists and corporate entities. Members of The National Obituary Registry will have access to resources, tools and benefits that are designed to help support their funeral home business. ObitTree.com is the consumer-facing initiative helping funeral homes across North America educate consumers, capture more business leads and re-engage their communities. The National Obituary Registry will be ever grateful to FrontRunner Professional for the tremendous leadership, financial support and the donation of resources and technology needed to bring this comprehensive initiative to the market. Given the founder’s deep roots in funeral service and a passion to help funeral professionals, we are proud to continue to carry the torch for the betterment of funeral service.

The National Obituary Registry and ObitTree.com will work alongside funeral professionals to safely modernize the online presence of their businesses and arm them with the tools to protect themselves from online threats. In doing so, we’ll create more independent, profitable and sustainable funeral businesses. This is about coming together to help each other for the good of the death care profession, and we cannot do it without you.

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